Ruby finds herself a fish-out-of-water “slummy mummy” in the nouveau riche London “yummy mummy” neighbourhood. As the deadline to apply for school places looms, people go to extreme lengths to secure a place, and Ruby, battling with visions of Karl Marx has to decide whether to join the fray.

Director Statement

“I was drawn to The Littlest Boho because it funny but it also had something to say. Quite rare in comedy and sitcom today – it had targets squarely in its cross-hairs: the current malaise of modern life in the murky, atomized, ‘organic, fairtrade-only’ middle-class pond of pushy mums, banker-husbands and offspring-as-accessories.”

Sean Grundy

About the project

Writer/performers Cara Jennings and Sophie Trott wrote The Littlest Boho in response to their stage of life.  Finding themselves caught between friendships with people who were starting families and those who weren’t, they created this study of North London life, new parenthood, and the madness of their friends and neighbours.

Filmed on location in Camden, London, UK, it depicts recognisable characters, places and scenarios, and features Sophie’s real life daughter and partner, and their home. Made on a micro budget, the series was made by a dedicated, passionate and highly skilled team.


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